Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Gifts from my Tatting Friend

What a sweet surprise! Through this blog I have gained a long-distance tatting friend named Carollyn who lives in Knoxville, Tennessee. We've exchanged emails off and on, and recently I sent her a couple of the paper magnets with tatting that I've been making. Today a package from her arrived with lots of goodies. The key in the center is one that she has embellished with tatting and beads. She sent me four keys that I can try for myself. (As followers of this blog probably know, I like to tat on metal as well as more traditional materials.) The tatting shuttle is sterling silver and has a ring so I could attach it to a chatelaine if I had one.

I think it's fun to get materials from other crafters and challenge yourself to use things that you might not have chosen on your own. I used to participate in thread exchanges which was a good way to play with threads and colors that I might never have picked for myself. Years ago, a friend gave me a small bag of beads, and it was fun to incorporate them with others in my stash to create a necklace. I think such input from others can challenge your creativity and that's a very good thing to happen.


Madtatter80 said...

Oh that looks so good great picture! I too received thread that I would have never used before until I received,from Diane that "lace loving librarian" and had fun trying different thread ever since.
Happy tatting

tattrldy said...

What a lovely package. While cleaning this last week I found some old keys like this and was thinking of trying to tat around them. This has inspired me. Have fun with your goodies.