Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 Tatted New Years Card

This year I made New Year's cards by tatting around punched paper hearts. The paper is a dark green card stock. The punch is Martha Stewart's "Enchanted Heart" punch. I've used this punch a lot and am glad I bought it when it was readily available. It's now discontinued, and if you can find one for sale, it usually costs a ridiculous amount. I saw one source for this punch for sale at over $70! This seems to be typical for this brand's discontinued punches. However, you can cheaply buy quantities of the paper pieces sold by people who own the punches and who sell the shapes on eBay or Etsy.

The thread is DMC size 80 in bright red (#666). The pattern is just rings and chains of groups of 5 double stitches. I used dots of glue to attach the hearts to folded blank greeting card stock. I think the gluing was minimal enough that, if desired, the hearts can be detached and used as hanging ornaments.

I started this project in mid-December, but quickly got behind in my tatting. I wanted to make and send about 30 cards, but only had about half finished by the end of the year. So I finished the rest by printing one of the hearts on the white card stock I was using. When I folded the cards, the hanging thread continues over the back of the card...a design element that I hadn't planned on but do like.


Madtatter80 said...

Oh I so want to get this punch. Love what you have done with it and I went of of town and I hope you have a Wonderful New Year full of fun stuff :) take care form one Carollyn to another:)

Debora said...

Tomee LOVES hers!