Sunday, May 20, 2012

Off the Hook: Crocheted Bowl

I crocheted this bowl for my Recycled Fibers Projects demonstration at the 2012 Carolina Fiber Fest. I made it out of one of my daughter's t-shirts.

2 Days of displaying/demonstrating recycled fiber projects at the Carolina Fiber Fest

Photos from day 2 of Recycled Fiber Projects demo at the 2012 Carolina Fiber Fest. Exciting to meet lots of amazed and inspired fiber crafters who "get" the whole idea of repurposing materials. And got rid of 2 bags of pantyhose to a fellow crocheter and to a rug hooker.

Pantyhose rugs:

T-shirt yarn crocheted bowl, videotape clutch purse, and recycled sari silk bag:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Skill: Hair Pin Lace

I attended the NC Regional Lacers Spring Lace Day in Chapel Hill on Saturday and took a class on hair pin lace. Above is the bookmark that I made in the class. After I got home, I made another using Cascade Yarn's "Copa" -- a 100% viscose yarn. This is a very slippery yarn, so although I used the same pattern for both bookmarks, this one came out looking a bit different.