Thursday, April 26, 2012

Off the Needles: Felted Mittens

Too late to wear these this time of year, but they are finished. I wanted something warmer than the acrylic yarn mittens that I've had for years so I knitted these out of heavy wool. I can't recall the yarn I used...might be Cascade 220 wool.

I'd completed all but the felting while it was still cool enough to wear them, but then realized that one was a bit longer than the other, always a possibility when making 2 items separately. (That's why I always knit both sleeves at the same time when making a sweater.) I couldn't decide which one to fix: shorten the longer one or add a couple of rows to the shorter one. So I set the mittens aside. Later it occurred to me that perhaps the felting process could be the solution. I felted the longer one a bit more than its mate. Since I made them to wear when walking in the woods in winter, I decided that this time practicality would win out over perfectionism.

Recyling Project: Videotape Clutch Purse

I'll be demonstrating "green" fiber craft project at this year's Carolina Fiber Fest. I knitted this clutch purse out of polyester silver yarn and black videotape.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My work is on the Handy Hands website!

My beaded crochet bag was picked for the Handy Hands gallery website to showcase items made with Lizbeth threads: