Sunday, February 27, 2011

Off the needle: Crewel Rabbits

I started stitching these rabbits several years ago and had only 2 left to finish...not sure why I stopped. But this week I pulled out the project and surprised myself by finishing them all. The kit is from Carolyn Barranni's company Tapis-Tree.

Unlike in the photo above, I've mounted the pieces on off-white pinked-edged wool felt using a chain stitch in size 5 pink perle cotton thread. I've hung them in the windows of my china cabinet.

Off the shuttle: tatted bookmark

The pattern is Mary Konior's "Black Magic" from Tatting with Visual Patterns. The thread is Marlee Rockley's hand-dyed size 20 in "Garden Afternoon" colorway.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Off the needles: Flamingo Scarf

The pattern is from Morehouse Farm. The bird's head and body are Plymouth Encore and the beak and legs are Corntastic, a corn-based fiber (both newly much for depleting old stash). This was a fun project, mostly garter stitch so it went really fast. Obviously, it's a fashion statement, not a scarf for warmth!

Off the hook: draft stopper

Basically a large stuffed tube of single crochet. The yarn is from old stash: Red Heart worsted weight acrylic; colorway is Pinata.