Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Vancouver Souvenir

Last August I visited Vancouver with my sister and brother-in-law. One of our excursions was a trip to Granville Island where we happened upon the Silk Weaving Studio. As a souvenir of my visit I bought two 50-gram skeins of their hand-dyed Sanjosilk heavy silk boucle yarn. Now almost a year later, I thought I should finally make something with the yarn.

Using size 3 needles, I decided to make a simple stockinette triangle since the nubbiness of the yarn would probably obscure any fancier stitch pattern. I started at the pointed end, increasing one stitch on each end of the right side, and knitted until I ran out of yarn. I didn't know how many yards I had to work with, but figured that the result would be a triangular scarf rather than a shawl.

I haven't yet blocked the piece, and that should be a new experience as this is the first time I've ever knitted with silk. Here's a closeup of this beautiful yarn:

I love the idea of bringing home unique or exotic craft materials as remembrances of travels. I just need to remember to make these finds something I can use rather than just stashing them away. Now each time I wear this scarf, I'll think of the wonderful time I enjoyed in Vancouver.

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tattrldy said...

It has beautiful colors in it. Fibers from your different tranvels would make excellent souvenirs. Good idea. Nice job on the scarf.