Monday, July 27, 2015

2015 State Fair Projects: Tatted Edging for Handkerchief

I just finished tatting and attaching the edging that I plan to enter into the 2015 North Carolina State Fair in October. The handkerchief is just a vehicle for displaying the edging and won't be part of the judging. However, I always think it is best to try coordinating the edging with the handkerchief to achieve a unified effect. The hanky is from my vintage handkerchief stash and has a lovely bit of applique, cutwork, and embroidery in one corner.

The thread is size 50 Flora, a discontinued thread formerly sourced from Handy Hands. It has been replaced by Handy Hands' Lizbeth brand. I don't know what the color code is as I've mislaid the label that came with the ball of thread. It's a pale green, almost matching the green leaf in the applique on the hanky.

The pattern is Mary Konior's "Bo Peep" from her book Tatting with Visual Patterns (Lacis Publications, 1992; pp. 32-3). Although it looks like a two-row design, the edging is tatted in one round. One thing that is different from other patterns that I have done in this book is that you tat the little 4-ring/4-chain corner motifs separately and then incorporate them when you get to a corner. I found it a pleasant pattern to tat that results in an elegant edging. Wish me luck!


Madtatter80 said...

This is beautiful and at first glance it does look like two rounds. I am glad people will get to view this work of art I have that same green and love looking at it some day I to will make something with it :)

muskaan said...

Beautiful pattern, tatting & display :-)
All the very best & have fun :-)