Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Off the Needles: 3 Baby Sweaters

Knit Night is a charity knitting group that meets once a month at the Cameron Village Regional Library in Raleigh, NC. Tomorrow is the night we collect everything we've made over the year and bag it up for distribution to several local groups. While gathering up what I have ready to donate, I realized that some of the sweaters didn't get posted on my blog.

This little sweater pattern, "Vest with Garter-stitch Yoke," is a 1934 pattern reprinted in Knitting in Vogue: Patterns from the 1930s to the 1980s for Men, Women & Children, by Christina Probert (1985, pp. 94-5). The photograph below is actually the back side of the original pattern, but the updated photograph in the book shows it as the front side so that it is worn as a cardigan. 

While I like the yoke detail shown below, I agree with Probert that it makes more sense to wear it back to front, and it's easier to tie the ribbon on the open side if it's on the front of the baby.

The yarn is Phentex "Fingering Tricot Fin," an acrylic fiber in color Waterfall #52 Niagara. I bought this yarn decades ago so I'm sure it has been discontinued long ago.


This second sweater is what results when you have a nice yarn, but not very much of it. The blue is a fuzzy microfiber that is very soft. It was a partial ball leftover from a friend's stash so I only had enough to do the yoke on this sweater. I finished it off with a white acrylic. No clue as to the manufacturer of either yarn. The pattern is one I've used lots of time. It's from the Leisure Arts leaflet "Knit Lace & Leaves for Baby." One of the things I love about this pattern is that the only sewing up needed is under the arms.


The photograph below is the back side of a sweater (what's with these sweaters for babies that open in the back?), but I think it works better being buttoned in the front.

This little vest is another example of making do with small amounts of yarn. The pattern is "Ribbed Jacket" from Baby Love Cuddly Knits for Wee Ones, by Catherine Bouquerel ( 2009, pp. 26-7). The pattern called for long sleeves, but I changed to ribbed armhole cuffs because of not having enough yarn. At this point, I'm not sure what brand the yarn is other than it's an acrylic with a nice chunky feel.

Here's a view of the sweater front which I now designate as the sweater's back.

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