Thursday, June 10, 2010


Here's a shawl that had to be content with being a "shawlette." With only 3 balls of yarn I didn't think I'd actually make something other than a scarf. I started with a couple of stitches and increased 1 stitch at the beginning & ending of each row. Since the yarn is so fluffy, I just did it in garter stitch. Anything more complex would probably not have shown up. When the triangle was large enough to wrap around my shoulders, I bound off. I used the remaining yarn to crochet a ruffle around two sides (a cluster of double crochet stitches in each hole created by the increase stitches). The yarn is Phildar Geolite (rayon/polyester/kid mohair/nylon/wool/acrylic blend). Each 1 oz. ball is 94 yds/86 m long. This yarn is apparently no longer available. I think it was a find at a yarn shop that was going out of business.

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