Thursday, October 15, 2015

Shuttle Cleaning

I spent some time this week cleaning off tatting shuttles so I could start new projects. Usually, I just run off lines of picot flowers to glue onto paper bookmarks as a way to clear off a shuttle, but this time I decided instead to see how many hearts I could squeeze out of the short lengths still left on the shuttles. I managed 15 using Rosemarie Peel's heart pattern. I love this pattern because it's almost all chains so you don't need much thread on the shuttle.

I must have overdone the "pinch" in the process because the next day I woke up with the tip of my left thumb a bit numb. I'm taking a break from tatting to give my thumb a rest.

I'll glue these hearts onto cards and send them to friends on Valentine's Day next year.


Madtatter80 said...

They are beautiful! and no wonder you thumb is numb that's a lot of tatting! I found some great stretching that puts feeling back in thumbs on You tube!
Once again I love them and pinned them in Pinterest!

Jane McLellan said...

Great way to empty shuttles!