Thursday, October 8, 2015

2015 NC State Fair Entries Submitted

Today I entered all my pieces for judging in the 2015 North Carolina State Fair. It was almost an anticlimactic moment for me after all the last minute work to get everything ready. Now I just wait until the fair opens to see the judges' results.

To recap, here's all I entered:

Knitted Shawl

Crocheted Shawl

Crocheted Baby Sweater

Knitted Edging

Tatted Edging on Handkerchief

Tatted Edging on Pillow Case

Framed Tatted Piece

Tatted Edging on Metal Trivet

Tatted Brooch


muskaan said...

Wishing you all the very best :-)
Nice display and range .

Carolyn Kotlas said...

Thank you! Now I'm starting to think about what I will do for next year. Got to go through my stash to see what I already have to work with.

Jane McLellan said...

Good luck, I hope the judges are suitably impressed!