Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fair Projects in Process

Last year for the first time, I entered three pieces of tatting in the North Carolina State Fair. I was so excited to learn that two of them won 2nd place ribbons. As part of our local tatting group's mission to promote tatting and keep it in the state fair, I will be entering more pieces this year. The fair is in October so I'm working now on my entries.

I'm planning a pillowcase edging, a handkerchief edging, and edging on a piece of table linen, and a beaded tatted pin. The pin will go in the beaded jewelry category so, as happened last year, my piece will be in competition with every type of beaded jewelry. I don't expect to get a ribbon, but I want to show people that tatting is a viable, beautiful technique for making jewelry.

I've almost finished the pillowcase edging and the linen piece just needs a backing to complete it. I'm waiting on some size 80 gold thread from Handy Hands before I start the hanky edging. Usually, I do my handkerchief edgings in bright colors, but this year I'm going for something elegant.

If I can get myself more organized, I might also try a knitted entry. I have a shawl kit that I might finish in time for the fair.

I'll post photos after I submit the entries in October. In the meantime, I'll post photos of some non-fair projects as I (hopefully) also finish these. Right now I have a knitted blanket and a tatted trivet in the works. Having so many ideas for projects can be both a blessing and a curse!


Madtatter80 said...

I am skipping this year I have been busy with other things and can't seem to focus on the fair stuff. I am sure you will win again even though North Carolina seems to have more people entering in tatting than here in Tennessee does :) your items are really nice and your very creative!

Jane McLellan said...

Well done and good luck for the next fair! Good way to publicise tatting and its possibilities.