Saturday, April 4, 2015

Off the Shuttle: Tatted Paper Eggs

Here are all the paper eggs with tatted edgings that I've finished so far. Threads are all size 20, either Lizbeth or DMC Cebelia. All the rings are four sets of 5 double stitches separated by picots with the middle picot attached to the paper. The chains are either 3ds 3p 3ds 3p 3ds or 3ds 9p 3ds. Embellishments are a variety of stickers. More detailed instructions are on my posting at 

These work up very fast and can be hung with thread as ornaments or used to embellish greeting cards. I'm finding them a nice little giveaway to let friends know I'm thinking of them.

The two below will be sent to a friend's daughters. One loves pink and the other likes purple. They are growing up so fast so I hope they still like getting little trinkets in the mail.

I gave this one to a family friend as a thank you for her Easter luncheon:

This one is on its way to an online tatting friend in Tennessee (you know who you are!):

This one is on its way to Staten Island to a pen friend with terminal cancer. I hope this cheers her up a little, but tatting seems woefully inadequate as a way to lessen my sorrow for her.


Madtatter80 said...

I got your card and love it I made a mistake and thanked Wanda at Wanda's knotty thoughts, cause she made one of your eggs. I got mixed up sorry, I have been not tatting and busy with outside stuff and made some syrup and just posted it, your egg looks perfect with the color of the syrup! Hope you are having a great Sunday thanks again hugs from your the double l ha ha

Margarets designer cards said...

I love this idea of tatting around paper, thanks you for sharing, I hope everyone who receives one will enjoy them