Saturday, May 31, 2014

Work in Progress: Tatted Floral Edging

I usually use this blog to record finished projects, but here's a current project in progress that I decided to include. I started working on this edging a few years ago, stopped to do other tatting projects, picked it up again this year, ran out of thread, tracked down more thread, and am back to churning out enough for a border on this black chiffon scarf. I'm not sure how long the edging will be since I've found more of the purple variegated, but may not be able to get more of the green variegated. So I've left one end of the scarf unhemmed in case I need to shorten it to accommodate a shorter length of edging. 

That's the problem with using vintage thread and/or discontinued colorways of thread. The purple is DMC size 80 tatting thread in color #52. I started the original piece in what I thought was the same shade, but when I acquired a new ball of #52, I saw that it didn't match what I'd already tatted up. I started completely over with the new thread which I'm now almost out of. This is a colorway that I can't find locally and not many online websites offer it. I found 2 more balls on eBay at a reasonable price and free shipping; they're on their way to my home. I'm not sure what the green thread is as I've lost the label, if I ever had it; it's from my stash of size 70 & 80 vintage threads that I bought online a few years ago.

The pattern is "Figure 2. Edging" from Tatting Patterns by Julia E. Sanders (Dover Publications, 1977, pg. 4). Here's a closeup of the edging:

It's a pleasant pattern to work and I always love the combination of purples and greens together. One of my first big tatting projects was a mat in these varigated colors in Aunt Lydia's crochet cotton, size 10.

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