Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fibers from the Hardware Store: Basket

As part of my demonstration/display on using non-traditional materials for fiber arts and crafts I included a variety of  ropes and twines as examples of materials one could buy at hardware stores. While interesting to look at the raw materials, many people had difficulty visualizing what could be made out of them. A finished product would be more informative than just showing the fiber and might help people to better imagine what they could do with a similar material. With that in mind, I'm going to do more projects using the materials I've collected to be ready for the next time I make a display on this topic.

This is a small crochet basket made out of  Blue Hawk brand poly twine purchased at a Lowes hardware center. It comes in several pastel colors in 200 foot/61 meter balls. Its original intended use is as tie-down cord, but I find it interesting that the company makes it in such appealing colors. It almost begs to be used for something more than as a tie-down. Working with it takes a little getting used to as it is stiff and a little rough to the touch. However, it has a nice sheen and the finished product is easily pulled into shape with no blocking needed. I can see this used for other decorative items, placemats, items that require some stiffness and no drape. I think it could be used as a substitute for raffia in most projects.

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Aagaard Farms said...

Fab idea! The colour is nice!