Sunday, January 30, 2011

Off the needles: 2 scarves for 2 little girls

These 2 scarves are for a friend's daughters. The caterpillar scarf is for the younger one who loves all things pink. The pattern is another Morehouse Farm critters scarves pattern. The yarn is from my very old stash. It's Unger's Roly-Poly acrylic yarn from Belgium.

The older girl likes purple and spiders. I call the design "Six Secret Spiders" because the spiders knitted into the stockinette background are rather subtle.

I used a graph from a mitten pattern I found online and picked out the spiders in purl stitches. If you hold the scarf from a little distance, you can make out the spiders, but if you look closely, they seem to fade into the other stitches. The yarn is one strand of Deborah Norville "Serenity" sport weight and one strand of Lion Brand Microspun. Both have a very soft hand. I was so concentrated on getting the spider chart right that I forgot how much stockinette edges roll. Even light ironing didn't stop this tendency completely so I added a crochet edging to stabilize the sides.

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