Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Candy Lace "Yarn"

Continuing my quest for materials for my demo at the Carolina FiberFest this month, I'm playing with candy laces (also known as licorice whips). I bought a couple of pounds of rainbow laces online. Each lace is about 3 feet long in red, blue, yellow, or green. 

I tried a couple of techniques (crochet, tatting), but found that braiding them works best:

I also tried weaving them on a potholder loom with a bit of success:

This was a fun and interesting exploration for an afternoon, but I  probably won't use this material again. The laces are rather slippery and stretchy making weaving with them a bit tricky. You have to be careful not to tug on them too much or they'll snap apart. And the short length makes them impractical for projects of any significant size. While I think candy laces might be available in very long lengths, I wasn't able to find any source for them. 

I have a lot of extra candy lace left over so I hope I'll get a lot of kids stopping by my display to try their hands at braiding candy.


muskaan said...

That is a delicious, lip-smacking piece of craftwork ! Very interesting :-)

Madtatter80 said...

I like the woven blanket looking one, that would be fun to snuggle up too huh :) this is such a fun idea, you try so many different things fun to view!

Bernice said...

Yum what a fun project, have you tried a chevron braid, like in friendship bracelets. Also there was a zipper pull fob we used to do with four pieces that came out square. That is a dangerous craft, I'm afraid I would eat any breakage. Have fun.