Thursday, September 10, 2015

2015 State Fair Projects: Tatted Edging on Metal Trivet

This is proof that I will tat onto practically anything. I've been tatting onto paper shapes for sometime now so when I saw this white enameled metal trivet in an area store I thought, "That looks like something else I could tat on." I started the project just for fun and joked to tatting buddies that I should enter it into the State Fair, thinking that, of course, there was no category for adding lace to metal trivets. However, when the premium books came out with the categories and rules, it turns out that I could enter the piece. There is a special category called the Home Furnishings "Almost Anything Goes" Contest. So I had a category and an incentive to finish the project.

I used size 20 Lizbeth thread in colorway 165 "Grape Splash." The edging is tatted directly into the holes on the trivet. There are three rounds in the piece. 
Round 1: 
    all rings:  5ds p 5ds p 5ds attach to trivet 5ds p 5ds p 5ds cls rw
    all chains: 5ds p 5 ds
Round 2 is the same except rings are attached to the picot on round 1 chains instead of the trivet.
Round 3 is all chains: 2 ds p 2ds p 2ds p 2ds p 2 ds p 2ds then lock-joined to the picot on a Round 2 chain.

Below is a closeup of the tatted edging. The end result gives the piece a ruffled effect reminiscent of old fashioned doilies.

This isn't the first metal piece that I've tatted onto, but it is the largest. The trivet is 8 inches across, and, with the tatted edging, 10 inches across. 


tattrldy said...

It looks great! Hope the judges like it!

Madtatter80 said...

Wow Carolyn, the rings look so perfect kinda like a really large metal finding huh ha ha ha and what a great idea for anything goes :) You will have to let us know what happens with this one at the fair!

Jane McLellan said...

Love it! I hope the judges are suitably impressed.