Thursday, November 24, 2011

Off the hook/needles: Baby Sweaters

I must have knitted or crocheted over 50 scarves for friends and the monthly Knit Night charity knitting group over the past 2 years. I am so over scarves for the time being and have started knitting baby sweaters (probably for Knit Night since currently none of my friends are expecting babies). They are more interesting to make, but don't take very long to finish so no time to get bored with them. Also, I don't have to worry about the size since babies are rarely particular about the fit of their garments. Here are photos of the first ones I've done. I still have to add buttons to all of them.

This yellow sweater is a Maddy Kids pattern called Girl's Smart Topper. It's knitted in a worsted weight acrylic yarn.

The pattern for the lavender sweater is from a Leisure Arts leaflet titled "Knit Lace & Leaves for Baby" by Jeannine LaRoche. What I really like about her patterns is that you don't need to swatch. The final size depends on the yarn weight and the needle size. Another thing I like is that the sweaters are all knitted from the neck down with very little sewing up needed. The sizes range from preemie to 3-6 months. I picked the smallest size which came out really tiny. It looks more like a doll's sweater. I used Lion Brand Baby Soft yarn which is a sport weight acrylic/nylon yarn.

The green sweater is crocheted out of Lion Brand Baby Soft and edged with leftover yarn from the lavender sweater. The pattern was originally published by Doreen Knitting Books, Volume 100, in 1950; I downloaded it from the Web. This is another sweater that is made from the neck down with little sewing required to assemble. I've seen a photo of an adult size version, but no pattern. My crochet & math skills aren't yet up to figuring out how to convert to a woman's size. But I (and others who've seen it) would love to have this in an adult size.

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