Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stash Addition: Adding some color to my stash

Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love the way the sunlight enhances the vivid colors of the turning leaves. Lately, I've also been admiring some colorful projects on other fiber artists' blogs and decided I needed some more vivid colors to work with. Here are some photos of what I've added to my stash. (Unfortunately, with my little Lumix camera, I can't quite get all the colors as true to life as I would like.)

These are some discontinued colors of Reynolds Lite-Lopi that I bought online from Webs for $3/skein. Lite-Lopi is worsted-weight wool and I plan to try out some felting projects using these.

The other yarns I've added are these in Tahki Cotton Classic that I bought in Raleigh at a local yarn shop, Admit Ewe Knit, for $6.50/skein. I have some crochet projects in mind for these.

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irina said...

Hello Carolyn!
Fall is my favorite season too!!I love all these beautiful colors (in your's photos) and I hope you will made spectacular projects with them.