Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Year-old project finished

This is a project from a filet crochet class I took last year. Not sure why I waited so long to assemble the squares...except for the fact that I really, really hate sewing blocks together. It really didn't take very long to do & I used up all the grey yarn by adding 4 rounds of edging. I was using up some yarns I had on hand which explains the colors and why some colors are only used for 2 blocks. I keep playing around with my camera settings, but haven't gotten the colors to display as accurately as I'd like. I think it looks better in reality than it does in these photos.

Here's a closeup that shows the solid and open hearts in the pattern. After I finished the class, I went on to make filet crochet valences for my kitchen.

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Paige Marie said...

Try looking on your camera for a way to adjust the white balance. Etsy has a good blog on this,

There is also some good info and how to on this Etsy blog:

If all else fails a simple photo program and adjusting white balance there works too! Good luck!